Fynn Munro

Fynn Munro is a 12 year old boy that was very active in every sport. He loved playing football, basketball, baseball, wrestling; pretty much all sports.  Receiving many metals and trophies as his abilities and talent grew with each year he played. He is also an animal lover. He is a huge fan of cars, trucks, muscle cars, engines. He can tell you what kind of car just drove by, what engine it has and probably how many of those cars were made in a year. He loves all types of activities from video games to winter sledding, summer swimming, tubing, riding bike, fall hiking.

When asked what he wanted to do for this 11th birthday, he said “Dad, you give me everything I need, I want to give back. Let’s do something for the animals. So we rented out the Colonial Theater in Norwich to host his birthday party and asked for everyone attending to bring a donation for our local SPCA. What child has a heart to want give back instead of receive things for himself.

On November 22, 2016 his life changed forever. Fynn was outside playing in the snow and attempted to do a front flip off a picnic table into the snow. Something just about every kid has done. He did not complete the flip and fell head first into the snow, hitting the ground. He broke his C3-C5 vertebrae, severely bruising his spinal cord. He was airlifted to Upstate Medical in Syracuse where emergency surgery was completed to fuse his C2-C6 vertebrae and put screws in his spine to stabilize his spine and spinal cord. He is now a tetraplegic from the shoulders down and requires 24x7 care. A Facebook page, Friends Of Fynn, was set up so that the family could give family, friends and his community updates on how he was doing. Hundreds of people posted prayers and well wishes for him. While I was reading each one of them to him, he said “Dad, I have gotten enough prayers, let’s send some to the other kids here – they need them too”. Throughout all of this, Fynn has remained positive and still wanting to give to others. While in Upstate, there was a young girl admitted because she would not eat and was losing weight and dehydrated. When Fynn learned about her, he asked to be put in his chair and taken to see her. He asked me to put some of his donut holes from Dunkin in a container to take to her. We went to her room and gave them to her and told her those were the best she would ever have and then recommended a good pizza place to order food from. 2 days later she was discharged from the hospital as she started eating and drinking and was well enough to go home.

He spent about 2 weeks in Upstate and was then flown by medical plane to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, PA where he received the care he needed for rehabilitation. While in Shriners, he was put into an intense physical therapy and occupational therapy program. His family learned how to care for him in order for him to come home to his family and community that loved him.

He was discharged on January 11, 2017 and sent home to Norwich. Since coming home, it has been a very tough transition. To date, Fynn still does not have a permanent wheelchair, he is using a loaner from Shriners. Fynn and myself recently had to attend a Fair Hearing in front of a law judge to prove all medical necessity for the wheelchair he needs because NYS is denying to pay for it. We are still waiting to hear the decision from this hearing. We are still using a temporary ramp for Fynn to enter and exit the house. Fynn needs a new hospital bed that no insurance company will pay for. The current bed he is in, the mattress is starting to break down already because Fynn spends so many hours a day in bed. There is no electric lift for safer transport of Fynn from room to room. We do not have a vehicle to be able to go anywhere. The only transportation Fynn has is a medical transport company that will only take him to and from his doctor's appointments. In order to obtain a vehicle, I would have to buy one myself and then have the modifications done to make it handicapped accessible for Fynn. There are many financial burdens that are stopping both Fynn and myself from having a better quality of life. Even being on assistance from the county – it is not enough to be able to obtain what is needed for Fynn. As it stands right now, Fynn is home bound unless he has a doctor's appointment.