Vincenzo Campbell

Vincenzo is a 4 year old who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 23 months old. His diabetes has been very difficult to manage. Vin’s blood sugar has been very high and strangely enough, has had some scary lows. Due to his high numbers his immune system is lower making him more susceptible to catch what ever is going around. We have been in and out of the ER due to fevers and high blood sugars. Vin has missed many days of Pre-K because of his disease. Our daily struggles include encouraging Vinny to eat well balanced meals. ( Vin doesn’t like to eat) He was also diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. This means all foods must be gluten free. Vin recently was put on an insulin pump and also has a Constant Glucose Sensor. Now we can see what his blood sugars are every 5 minutes. This has helped us control his Diabetes better. We can give him more insulin through the pump. Although his sites have to be changed every 2 days, Vinny seems happier that he doesn’t have to get poked all day long with needles. 

What I struggle with mostly is not knowing if this disease will take his life. I do not sleep well at night. I am constantly checking his blood sugars. I would rather have my son with diabetes than no son at all. Of course we wish he was a healthier child, but through all his hardship, Vin has taught us about faith, strength and courage. I am so honored to be his mother and will continue to help him deal with these challenges with love, our faith and knowledge.

-Written by his mother