This Website is dedicated to everyone who participates to help the kids in need both past and present.

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Jumpers and Brenda & Jamie for making this all possible.

This year's event will be on February 18th, 2017! Hope to see you there!

Our Stories

Devin's Journey
"My story begins long before I even knew exactly what the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump was all about. I was a young kid when my story starts and it probably shouldn't even be called my story because it started with my parents. Try and picture what life was like in 1998 - sad for me to say because I was only a year old at the time so I have no memory of this year - but that is when my parents' life changed. Nothing would really be the same again. At the age of thirty-five, this was the year my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Since I was so young, I never got the chance to feel any of the emotions my parents had felt. I never had to experience the panic they had or to ask "what is going to happen next?" I guess that makes me lucky in a sense, but even now, I wish I could have been there.

Now let's jump up to the year 2003, this is the year that the Waters asked my mother if my dad would like to be a recipient in that year's Polar Bear Jump. Initially, my mother declined, but after a few weeks went by and being asked again, she accepted. It was at this very moment that concreted my role in the Jump. Even though it would be years later that I was old enough to volunteer my time, it was my mom's decision in 2003 that lead me to where I am today. This was also the year that Scott Woodrow decided to jump in the lake (for my dad) and where he stated he will never do it again - which we will get to later, as it ties into the story.

Because of the generosity and good people at the Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump, my family received around $4,500. Being a child then, I didn't understand and all I wanted to do was keep buying tickets for the 50/50 with my parents money. However, as an adult now, I would like to thank each and every person back then because it means the world to me now.

To give back, my mother, Tara Devlin, became a volunteer each year by helping out at registration and the banquet. When I became a little older I wanted to help my mom because I was at the age where all I wanted to do was what my mom did. I learned a little bit each year and around age 11 or 12 was when I finally got the responsibility to do things, like selling the jumper sweatshirts. Fast forward about 2-3 years (around 2011) and I became one of the web administrators of This is also when I decided that I must jump before I graduate high school in 2015.

However, I still thought that jumping was a little insane so I put off my decision to jump for a couple years. It was the end of 2014 and I was a senior at Milford Central and I realized I had to jump because I had made a promise to myself. So then I solidified my decision and so last year (the coldest, most horrible conditions ever for the jump) I jumped. I jumped with Scott Woodrow - the great man that jumped for my dad. This was one of the best things I have done and may possibly do it again (but no promises this time!)

I continue to help out the Jump by maintaining the website, helping the Waters with many tasks, working at jumper registration, and then working at the banquet. I volunteer to help out the children and adults like my dad and to hopefully, create a chain reaction that initially got me started. The Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump has been a huge part of my life and I think it made me a better person and it taught me that one can never be alone with a great and supportive community behind them."

Written by Devin Kiser.
Daughter of past recipient, Tim Kiser. (2003)

Left to right: me, Kaylee (my little sister), and my dad.
Taken at 2003 PB Jump Banquet

Left to right: me, my dad
Taken at my Graduation from Milford Central School on June 26, 2015.

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